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Or: No, it's not a port.


Leave your world behind and venture into the mystical lands of Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis, the new fantasy role playing game for the Macintosh. Discover nine islands of untold adventure and dwell amongst their fascinating inhabitants. Explore these places of beauty, these places of magic, these places of terror!

As you travel through the islands, a rich fantasy world unfolds before you. Exploring the islands you'll fight off savage creatures of all shapes and sizes, wielding over forty different types of vicious weapons. Wandering the towns you'll meet over eighty different characters, each with their own unique personality. You'll talk to them and help them solve their problems - because maybe they'll help you in return. You'll master over fifty different mystical psionic abilities, each causing a unique effect on the world around you.

Odyssey represents an incredible advance in Macintosh role- playing games. Because it has a rich, non-linear story you'll never be stuck: you can always go on to explore different islands and meet different people. And with an intuitive Macintosh interface, you won't have to waste any time learning how to play.


Your journey had been long, but your purpose was noble. Beset by drought for six long years, a famine was destroying your homelands. Remembering tales of a great mystical staff possessing powers which could save your people, you've adventured against all odds to obtain the staff, succeeding where others had failed.

On the journey home, a violent storm rips apart your ship, tossing you into the ocean depths. Frantically struggling to stay afloat your pushed onto a strange island. Lost in the storm are all your possessions, including your precious staff.

But something is rotten on the island you find yourself on. Brutal monsters and epic challenges stand between you, the staff, and salvation for your people. Only after exploring the islands and communicating with the troubled people will you be able to understand the legend of Nemesis. Only then can your quest be concluded and your homeland saved.



"The best Mac fantasy role playing game I've ever played."
- Alexander Seropian, Founder, Bungie Software.

"Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis is the heir apparent of the mantle of the soul of Lord British. It has all the things that made an Ultima an Ultima: clean, crisp characterizations, multiple subplots, non-linear action and multiple solves for most puzzles, wry and often dry humor, and an interface so tight and sharp you could bounce quarters off of it... The writers of Odyssey have their heads on straight. They are approaching a fantasy role-playing game first by a series of interesting storylines, second by a simple interface that does not get in the way of unfolding the story, and third by weaving a story that is non-liner, unforced, and ultimately extremely satisfying. Bravo!"
- Inside Mac Games, March 1996.

"Excelent work. Your blending of intricate plot into the game play was as well done as I've seen. I'm about to start Exile III... the yardstick's been raised."
- Jeff Vogel, creator of the fine Exile I & II
(Done with Odyssey? Go get Exile)

Still not convinced? Perhaps looking at some lovely screenshots will sway you. Or perhaps you'd care to download the Demo Version ? You know you want to, you really do.

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