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Damage Incorporated is a 3D action strategy game for Macintosh and Windows '95 in which you command a team of four marines while trying to keep yourself alive at the same time. Set in present day, some unknown organization has been funding, arming, and training various militant fringe groups around the United States. It is your team's mission to uncover information on the sinister workings at hand, secure the safety of civilians caught in the crossfire, and neutralize with extreme prejudice whatever opposition comes your way. Developed by Paranoid Productions, powered by Bungie's Marathon 2 engine, and published by WizardWorks (for Windows) and MacSoft (for Macintosh), Damage Incorporated presents a 3D action experience unlike any other.

Check out the Demonstration Version and see why Inside Mac Games said in a July, 1997 review that "Damage Incorporated uses the Marathon 2 engine to create a unique and challenging new game that infuses new blood into the tired first person shooter genre. If you like Marathon, Close Combat or Warcraft you'll dig this game. What are you waiting for Marine?!!!" (For other effusive praise check out the Press Ravings page.)

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Download the
Damage Incorporated Demo 1.2
(17,595k, so be prepared!)

For other files like the Updater, Orion the Map Editor, and the MaraDamage map converter, check out the New Files Section.

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Unfortunately, Damage Incorporated is not currently available for purchase for Windows or Macintosh. You may have some luck on sites like eBay or wherever else you might find used software. Good luck!

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