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Seeker Sketch Music

Where did that ultra cool music come from? Well it's by the band Death, and I encourage you to follow this link to get more information on this amazing band. Special thanks to Jim Cooperman at Relativity Records and Chuck Schuldiner himself for making the use of this music in D.I. a reality. Late breaking news is that Chuck has reformed beloved Death. Check out the links below for more info.


Derek Riggs did a total of four beautiful paintings for Damage Incorporated, which included Cover Art #1, which was axed by GT Interactive (MacSoft's parent company) because it was "too cartoony." Morons! Never fear, the art's still used in the game (Derek's art is not to be wasted). Derek's most famous for his work with Iron Maiden and the drawing of their band "mascot" Eddie. You're well advised to check out some of it at the links below.
Glenn Fabry did cover #2 for Damage Incorporated, which MacSoft rejected because they didn't like it (maybe it didn't look enough like the Duke Nukem box for them?). Philistines! In any event, Glenn's fantastic painting became the title-screen for the game. Glenn's best known for his phenomenal work on the comic book Preacher (highly recommend, by the by). Check out his work for it here:
Famous people Charlie Gillespie and John Hanley both did nifty chapter paintings for the game too, but I dinna find any links to them on the web.

Weapon Information

Much of the information on D.I.'s authentic weaponry was extracted from this cool site, which provides a disturbing amount of information about the Marine Corps and its weaponry.


One of the major influences on the creation of D.I. is Stanley Kubricks' fine film Full Metal Jacket. Check out this excellent Stanley Kubrick page for more infrmation.


Unless you've been living in Windows cave you've heard of Bungie Software's fine Marathon series. Damage gets its engine from the second title in that series, Marathon 2. By all means, if you haven't seen it, you gotta check it out.

Also by...

A number of the people involved with Damage Incorporated also worked on a wee RPG called Odyssey - The Legend of Nemesis. If you like Damage, there's an off chance you'll like Odyssey too, so find out more about it below.

SMAW Rocket Launcher

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