At the 2008 Game Developer's Conference I ran a Stories Best Played panel. On the panel, four designer/writers (Steve Meretzky, Marc Laidlaw, Ken Rolson and myself) each picked our two favorite storytelling games and discussed them with the group.

The games selected were:

You can download the PowerPoint slides below.

For ease of downloading, the following Zip archive has none of the video clips and is about 8MB.

This version includes all the video clips and is about 1GB(!) in size. It's a compressed RAR archive (you can get the extractor from here.). See the instructions below about getting it to run the videos.

Instructions to Run: To get this to run properly with the videos, move the extracted folder to the root of your C: drive. So you should have: Run the Powerpoint from that folder. To get the movies to play correctly, you'll want to go full-screen (F5).

You'll need these codecs:

Additional Selections

Beyond the two games picked by each panelist and highlighted in the slides above, our panel all had some additional selections that we didn't have time to cover. Below are some brief thoughts on each of the games we would have liked to talk about if the panel was three hours instead of one.

Richard also recommends:

Marc also recommends:

Steve also recommends:

Ken also recommends:

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