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Map Design Contest Winners

Paranoid Productions is proud to announce the winners of the Damage Incorporated Map Design Contest. Having sorted through quite a number of original maps designed for the game using the Damage map editor Orion (and some made use of MaraDamage, as well), the judges were able to settle on one grand prize winner, and three runners up. "They're quite a good bunch of maps," said Damage Incorporated designer Richard Rouse, "they're all just about good enough to have been included in the game itself. The Grand Prize winning map 'Espresso' is actually better than many of the maps included in the game! It was quite humbling to play through that one."

And the winners are:

Grand Prize
"Espresso" by Frank "Elk" Rooke

An interior designer for an architectural firm in San Francisco, Elk used Forge (the Marathon Infinity map editor) to create the base map architecture, then converted it into a Damage map using MaraDamage (the Marathon to Damage map converter), and finished it off in Orion. Elk says his map took two and a half weeks to create, and on map designing said: "If you're married don't do it! If you're not, my only advice is: if you don't have fun playing your own map, no one else will either." We at Paranoid Productions wonder if his career didn't give him an unfair advantage in creating this elaborate, complex map.

Runner Up
"Rise of The Phoenix" by Rainer Wehner

A graphic designer in Nuremberg, Germany, Rainer created his map entirely in Orion. Of the freeware editor, Rainer said: "The bugs and limitations of the [editor] were hard to stand at times, but it's possible to make winning maps with it." The map took him a harried week of design work, Rainer having only bought Damage one week prior to the contest deadline. As for level design advice, Rainer's best bit of wisdom was to "get a girlfriend who will help you!"

Runner Up
"Search" by Elias Sevaptsidis

A biomedical research technologist at the University of Toronto, Elias used a Forge/MaraDamage/Orion combination to get his map created in a about 30 total hours work. For budding map designers, Elias emphasized that "persistence pays!" He was particularly effusive in his praise for Damage Inc., and he the following message for Apple's current CEO: "I [had] concluded that things must be so bad at Apple, they could only get better! So I did the radical maneuver of marching straight to the University of Toronto computer shop and ordered a Power Mac 7300/180. Incidentally, I bought my new computer AFTER I saw what Damage Inc. had to offer. Steve Jobs, are you listening?"

Runner Up
"Rescue Mission" by Robert Tochterman

A student who lives in Keene, New Hampshire, Robert Tochterman created his entry in an amazing short seven hours of work, using only Orion to get the job done. A quiet and reserved map designer, Robert emphasized the importance of using lighting effects well in a map, and pointed out (wisely, we might add) that "Damage Inc. is a good game for map making!"

All winners are to be lavished with wondrous MacSoft software prizes, and all will receive a Damage Incorporated T-shirt!

All of the winning maps (along with some freshly designed Paranoid Productions creations) are collected in a nifty level pack, The Big Dead One, which you can download for free. Follow the link to get more information.

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